The Northgate Group, LLC. Build : Rebuild
EPA Certified Renovator

The Build : Rebuild Concept

The Northgate Group, LLC. is a "Build : Rebuild" company that seeks to find the good bones of a home and work from there.  Thoughtful planning goes into restoring a home that has been neglected over the years, haphazardly added onto, or just in dire need of remodeling. 

The concept of rebuilding involves working with what is already existing to save cost, waste, and the home's original character.

Roofing and Insurance Claims

We work with insurance companies to replace your roof due to wind and extreme weather damage.  Often there is no cost to the homeowner for a complete roof replacement.  Visit our roofing and exteriors page for more information.


the northgate group build rebuild interior demo started in historic boylan heights raleigh

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